I love Tricia!  We nearly crossed paths many times-- and now are finally united!

                                 I have been creating software in some form for most of my life.  My professional career began
                                       in the early 90's, and I have been developing strategic systems for a wide variety of
                                          corporations ever since.  Each project improves my technical and consulting skills,
                                          reaffirming the critical role communication plays across every role.  For more on my
                                          professional career, please visit my Resume page.

Sonata Systems, Inc. is a company my wife and I own, which focuses on IT management consulting, software engineering, videography and post-production services.   Demand for interesting digital content grows every year, so we are making ongoing investements in videography, graphic design and post-production editing.   We are determined to leverage and unify our technology background in creative arenas.  

Beside professional interests, music holds a special place in my life.   For me, music is the supreme art form.   Nothing compares to its mysterious, expressive power.   Every human emotion is present and all aspects of existence live within its realm.   Music is life formed in sound.   My Romanticism page is dedicated to special musicians who have long since departed this orbiting orb but will never be forgotten.   Contemporary music appears on my Alternatives page.  

Guitars are my obsession!   Please visit Guitar Reverie to see my instruments.   In 2004, Larry Breslin made a classical guitar for me in his workshop.   I documented the construction process, so please visit Deerhead Guitar for more detail.   I subsequently commissioned a spruce classical and flamenco negra from Breslin.   If you share my interest in classical guitars, check out Project Ramirez and follow my review of three Ramirez 1a concert guitars, representing three distinct decades of workmanship from the Ramirez workshop.  

I have spent time reading the musings of several philosophers.   I find particular synergies with Aristotle, Huxley, Santayana, Nietchze and Russell.   Visit my Philosophy page to review some of their ideas on the human condition- the mortal coil we all face.  

What is surrealism?   What about Dali's paranoic-critical method and all those soft watches, stark landscapes and crutches?   These and other related questions have interested me recently, leading to a great visual and literary journey that I summarize here for you.  

Thanks again for visiting my private Idaho!  
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