Links: My Favorite Places
Visual Arts

"Destino", Dali's Disney Animation Project  -  Animated surruealistic masterpiece
The Salvador Dali Foundation  -  The official Dali website in Spain
The Salvador Dali Museum  -  Gallery created by A. Reynolds Morse in Florida
VHOK Museum  -  Rotterdam's amazing fine art gallery
NPR Reviews Dali's "Destino"  -  Clips from Dali's animated short film
Surrealist Compliment Generator  -  When mere flattery is not enough
Performing Arts

Acoustic Guitar  -  A good trade magazine and discussion page
Deerhead Guitars  -  Larry Breslin can build you a great guitar and here's his website
Gerry Saulter and Serenade  -  Gerry Saulter can play the guitar like ringing a bell
The MacDowell Colony  -  MacDowell's artist colony in Peterborough, N.H.
Brahms Resource  -  Decent Brahms online resource
Classical Composers Index  -  Good starting point for biographic information
Cocteau Twins  -  Extensive webstie devoted to the Cocteau Twins
Sleater-Kinney  -  Official website for Sleater-Kinney
Rita Mitsouko  -  The English website for this fabulous French duo
Nelly Furtado  -  Nelly's flashy website

The Computer Society  -  Join the IEEE Computer Society
IEEE  -  The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
APS  -  Join the American Physical Society
Planetary Society  -  Dedicated to space exploration and SETI
JPL  -  Jet Propulsion Laboratory with robotic space exploration focus
Hubble Space Telescope  -  The best Astronomical observatory ever constructed
ESA  -  Official website of the European Space Agency

The Apache Software Foundation  -  Open Source Nirvana since 1999
CetnOS  -  A rock-solid version of community Linux
Spring Framework  -  Big things made from many useful packages
MongoDB  -  The humongous NoSQL database
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