Trenton A. Scott   resume: Word or text formats

Synopsis Senior full-stack Java and JavaScript web developer, a sixteen-year practitioner.   Experienced integrator between custom/legacy systems and several ERP packages including Workday, SAP, PeopleSoft, ATG and Passport.   Significant contributor to several complex web, e-commerce, big data, search engine, call center and ERP integration projects.   Strong Java Spring developer using Amazon AWS and Google Cloud technologies, including MVC and MVVM web applications, REST and SOAP web services, micro-services, with persistence in No-SQL and relational sources. Productive in agile/SCRUM or self-directed environments.   Formal education includes Computer Science undergraduate and Computer Information Systems graduate study, augmented by extensive ongoing professional training.  
Project Nike Digital
Experience Address: Address: 1 SW Bowerman Drive, Beaverton, Oregon
Position: Senior Java Engineering Consultant
9.2015 - Present
Senior Java developer at Nike Digital.   Design, develop and maintain new cloud-based RESTful microservices supporting order fulfillment during order capture and subsequent downstream processing.   Services support new cloud-based order capture initiative, including product inventory, estimated delivery date and shipping method features consumed during order creation, submission, through ultimate fulfillment.   Administrative website built using Aurelia JavaScript framework, RESTful Ajax client requests to AWS microservices with Amazon Dynamo cloud persistence.   Development follows an agile/SCRUM methodology with continuous delivery using Jenkins pipelines, Vagrant, Groovy and Gradle scripts.   Design follows AWS microservice architecture with deployments in Amazon Cloud. Persistence in Cassandra, Couchbase and Amazon Dynamo.   Technology stack includes Java 8, Aurelia, JavaScript, Groovy, Gradle, Jenkins, Vagrant, ASGARD, AWS, Netflix API, Google Guice, JSON, jUnit, Jackson, Jersey, Lombok and XML.  
7.2014 - 7.2015 TELUS International
Address: 2251 S. Decatur Blvd., Las Vegas, Nevada
Position: Workday Integration Engineer and Architect Consultant

Design and develop custom Workday time tracking module integration software using Java and MongoDB for queued time clock persistence.   Design and develop web application to capture U.S. employee time clock information 7x24x365.   Web core technologies include Java 8, Spring Core, Spring MVC, Spring Security 3.2 for Active Directory and LDAP, Morphia and Apache Tomcat.   Queue server technology stack involves MongoDB replica sets, Java 8, Spring Core 4, SOAP web service client integration with Workday time tracking module.   Workday integration technology stack includes Workday SOAP web service APIs, custom Workday Studio inbound time tracking integration, and several custom outbound EIB integrations.   Design and implement worker environment/account provisioning system using Java-based Spring Web Service and Security (LDAP) integration between Active Directory, Avaya ACD and Workday HCM applications.   Design and implement global Workday HCM and SAP Financials cost center-account mapping MySQL database to support data conversion and ongoing migration analysis projects.  
4.2014 - 6.2014 OSG Corporation
Address: 1333 Corporate Dr., Suite 315, Irving, Texas
Position: Sr. Java Engineer Consultant

Delivered software engineering and architecture services for Enterprise Bank, an ESB implementation at Caesars Entertainment.   Primary web developer of ESB UI, a new customer relationship web application.   Helped design and implement end-to-end components that integrated the website with several TIBCO queues using Java and JMS.   Lead UI design and implementation, including Struts 2 site mapping, action and service layers, custom Javascript using JQuery UI folder and accordion plugins, with an extensive JUni test harness with 90% code coverage.
11.2013 - 3.2014 Nike Digital
Address: 1 SW Bowerman Drive, Beaverton, Oregon
Position: Senior Java Engineering Consultant

Migrate from regional legacy to new global product merchandising system for e-commerce, product information team.   Deliver design and agile implementation of RESTful web services, batch, JMS and migration related services on a JBoss server platform.   Persistence logic uses Spring Data, MVC and Batch, Hibernate and several Oracle databases.   Participate in the design and construction of a global replacement system for product merchandising across the entire product lifecycle, replacing legacy databases, migration software and web UI administration systems using the latest Spring technologies.   Nightly build pipeline using Subervsion, Maven and TeamCity.  
8.2013 - 10.2013 Act-On Software
Address: 8300 SW Creekside Place, Beaverton, Oregon
Position: Senior Java Consultant, 3-month contract-to-hire

Provide Java software development services in the Engineering group.   Participate in SCRUM development of product enhancements and stories dealing with production bugs and critical technical debt.   Develop in both front-end and back-end layers.   Front-end toolset includes HTML5, JavaScript, Handlebars and jQuery.   Back-end toolset includes Tomcat, RESTful web services, servlets and JSPs using MySQL and custom NoSQL persistence sources.   Nightly build pipeline used Git, Ant and Jenkins.  
11.2007 - 07/2013 Nike GTMS
Address: 1 SW Bowerman Drive, Beaverton, Oregon
Position: Senior Java Engineering Consultant

eCommerce Engine project: Design and agile implementation of RESTful web services with no-SQL persistence for next-generation web and iPad order entry applications.   Performed research and prototyped no-SQL persistence options and toolsets including MongoDB, Cassandra, Spring Data and Morphia, selecting MongoDB with native and Spring Data toolsets.   Deployed replicated MongoDB servers on Linux platforms.   Designed Java object model and MongoDB JSON/BSON documents and collections for key entities.   Integrated MongoDB client, wired Spring v3 Data and integrated base DAO super-classes in Java web services project.   Integrated Groovy data migration scripts in Gradle build to populate MongoDB with seed data for web service development and testing.   Implemented several web services using Spring MVC, JAX-RS, CXF, Jackson JSON parser, Spring Security, Spring JDBC and MongoDB Data services.   Performed web service performance tuning with YourKit to profile bottlenecks in heavily loaded endpoints.   Implemented MongoDB-based pub-sub queue for background product update processing.   Implemented threaded background queue processing.   Implemented JMS topic client and product update software to synchronize product assortments in MongoDB with legacy systems.   Software developed using a test-driven approach with TestNG, Cucumber and several mock factories.  

Order Capture GWT/GXT Grid project: Delivered a complex, multi-widget, heavily customized grid-based order entry web page for using Google Web Toolkit (GWT) and Sencha GXT technology.   Participated in up-front MVVM architecture and design.   Developed grid population, GWT-RPC persistence, product filtering and deletion features over five agile iterations, spanning all layers of the design from client widget development through server persistence.   Core technologies include GWT, several Sencha GXT widgets, GWT-RPC, Guice, GIN and Spring.  

Product Search agile project: Introduced the latest Solr/Lucene search engine technology designed for re-use within several applications.   Created a dual-core, clustered Solr product catalog search service, including product configuration, schema definition and highly customized data indexing/synchronization software.   Developed new Campaign Creation Tool (CCT) web application using JSF and Seam.   Developed campaign CRUD behaivior in the product catalog REST/SOAP web service, including bulk persistence using remote Oracle stored procedures and functions via Spring JDBC.  

Umbro agile project: Full integration of the Umbro brand, Performed extensive modifications within the existing system to accept future licensees.   Developed new product catalog persistence interfaces using Oracle stored procedures and functions via Spring JDBC.   Integrated new catalog behaivior within Order Capture web application, including cached user catalogs and the product database search engine.   Developed new VAS web content and integrated it within the Order Capture shopping cart.  

Catalog Data Management (CDM II) project: Major enhancement to the product catalog definition tool for   Joined the project near its conclusion to diagnose and improve system performance, especially with very large catalogs.   Profiled the system to identify code performance bottlenecks, implementing several improvements in the Spring persistence layer to increase throughput by 25 percent.  

GATE (Global Administration Tool for eBusiness) project: Completely new technology stack and agile development methodology, including key migrations from Struts/ATG to Seam/JSF and JBoss.   Helped design and implement the initial code templates and string test to demonstrate a working partial solution.   Designed, developed and implemented product catalog, customer/user groups and related business rule content within the GATE web application, including web service integration with user, customer and catalog information.   Development followed an agile approach with test-driven iterations and a wide spectrum of open source technologies, including JBoss, Seam, EJB3, JSF, RichFaces, Ajax, Drools business rules engine, jBPM workflow engine, JMS, JAXB, and RESTful web services.  

Order Management/Scalability project: Major enhancement to the retailer web interface that focused on improving system performance while scaling retailer order capture transacations up and supporting new, very large orders.   Redesigned and implemented new Spring order bulk persistence layer to replace existing, slower ATG product and related Hibernate 1.x solution.   Implemented new order splitting logic for large orders.   Improved shopping cart and order conversion and validation logic.   Increased reliability in the order submittal process by removing ATG explicit transactions and replacing them with declarative Spring JTA transactionality.   Implemented new JMS design for asynchronous order fulfillment of very large orders.   Technologies included Spring, Hibernate, Struts, Tiles and JMS.  

Key design patterns at Nike include MVC, DAO, singleton, façade, vistor, factory, Spring IOC dependency injection, AOP and Seam bijection.   Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA are the primary IDE tools.   YourKit, GarageCat and GCViewer are the primary profiling and tuning tools.   Applications are built remotely using TeamCity with Subversion source control.   Ant scripts with Ivy integration deploy applications to multiple environments using clustered JBoss, WebLogic and ATG Dynamo servers with Oracle databases for persistence.  
4.2007 - 10.2007 ADP
Address: 2525 SW 1st Ave., Suite 450, Portland, Oregon
Position: Java/J2EE Consultant

Co-designer and developer of the Credit Gateway Monitoring Framework, an exception monitoring and workflow messaging web service, featuring sophisticated rule-based email/pager alert generation for support staff.   Developed an error monitoring and administrative web application using JSF (Java Server Faces), used to monitor and quickly troubleshoot a very large network of B2B web services exchanged between ADP, automotive dealers and financial institutions.   Development followed a test-driven, iterative methodology using heavy open source technologies, including Spring, JMS, JSF, JAXB, Quartz, HttpClient, XFire and JUnit/JUnitEE.   Design patterns included MVC, DAO, singleton, façade, factory and IOC/dependency injection.   Rational Application Developer v6 was the IDE, targeting clustered WebSphere 6.x test and production servers and DB2 for persistence.  
8.2006 - 3.2007 US Bank
Address: 17650 Sandy Blvd., Portland, Oregon
Position: Java/J2EE Consultant

Lead developer for the Product Selector project that offers a personalized, interactive credit card application experience.   Also created an email notification enhancement to existing Online Application Decision for instant credit approvals on the web.   Performed Struts/Spring, JMS and Castor/XML development using RUP methodology, Rational Rose and Rational Application Developer v6.   Technologies include Java, JMS, JSP, Spring, Struts, XML, Castor, JSTL, JDBC, WebSphere and SQL Server technologies.   Project delivered on-time, quickly passing through integration testing.   Design patterns included MVC, DAO, singleton, facade and IOC/dependency injection.  
Product Selector web page snapshots available upon request...
4.2006 - 7.2006 ODS
Address: 601 SW Second Avenue, Portland, Oregon
Position: Java/J2EE Consultant

Lead developer for MyODS and Employee Benefits Tracker migration, customer-facing and internal web applications, from Apache/CGI to WebSphere/Struts, including J2EE and web service integration with the Facets medical claims processing package and database.   Developed provider and facility search engine functionality, end-to-end development of several JSPs, Struts and supporting DAO components, including threaded singleton to cache and refresh the provider XML network configuration.   Project used Java, Struts, Web Services, XML, JDOM, WebSphere and Sybase technologies.   Performed object-oriented design and Java software development using WAS v5 and WSAD v5.1.2.   Design patterns included MVC, DAO, singleton, facade and factory.   Development took place on Windows XP, with test and production servers clustered on Sun hardware.  
9.2005 - 3.2006 CNF
Address: 2055 NW Savier, Portland, Oregon
Position: Java/J2EE Consultant

Lead developer for the Global Logistics (GLog) web application, a sophisticated part and shipment search engine that customizes an Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) package, using IBM WebSphere application server, WebSphere Application Developer 5.1.2, Rational Application Developer 6.0, AJAX, JSON-RPC, DisplayTag and Oracle 9i technologies.   Created a large JMX server management tool in Java enabling a quick and repeatable way to create over 90 DataSources under five different JDBC Providers (Oracle, DB2, Informix, SQL Server and TeraData) for both WAS v4 servers and WAS v6 cells.   Performed object-oriented UML design and Java software development using WSAD 5.1.2 and RAD 6.0, with JSP authoring in Dreamweaver MX.   Design patterns included MVC, DAO, singleton, facade and factory.   Development took place on Windows XP, with test and production servers clustered on Linux server hardware.  
11.2004 - 8.2005 Great West Life
  Address: 8515 East Orchard Road, Greenwood Village, Colorado
Position: Java/J2EE Consultant


Deliver web presentation layer design and Java/J2EE software development services in the Information Systems department.   Lead developer for Client Service Access System (CSAS), a large Struts web application with associated J2EE business components, part of an ongoing migration from existing ISIS call center customer service software written in Oracle Forms 6.   Project conformed with MVC amd J2EE specifications using WebLogic Server 8.1.4, Oracle 9i, EJB, XML, XSLT, XHTML, Stuts, Tiles and JSP technologies.   Perform object-oriented UML design and Java software development using Eclipse, with JSP authoring in Dreamweaver MX.   Design patterns include MVC, DAO, singleton, façade and factory.   Development takes place using Windows XP, with test and production servers clustered on Sun server hardware.  
9.2002 - 10.2003 DTE Energy
  Address: 425 South Main Street, Ann Arbor, MI  48104
Position: Java/J2EE Consultant


Delivered J2EE and Struts software design and Java development services in the Software Component Factory.   Participated in the creation of a new Struts web application, Flow Control, which partially replaced existing customer service and billing (CSB) call center software written in Oracle Forms 6.   Project conformed to the latest J2EE specification and Struts MVC web application architecture, using WebLogic Server 7.0.4, Oracle 8i, EJB, XML, XSLT, Struts and JSP technologies.   Performed UML design and Java development using Rational toolset and IntelliJ IDEA.   Design patterns included MVC, DAO, JDO, singleton, façade and factory.   Developed J2EE components in a Windows 2000 server environment.   Test and production servers were clustered on Sun hardware.  
7.2001 - 6.2002 BEA Systems
  Address: Denver Technology Center, South Ulster Street, Denver, Colorado  80237
Position: Java/J2EE Consultant


Delivered J2EE software design and Java development services in the Information services group.   Key contributor in the design and implementation of a new web order management application, eOrders.   Lead a team of three Java developers in the design and construction of the presentation layer (JSP, XML, HTML, JavaScript) and pipeline (EJB) mid-tier business components.   Project conforms to latest J2EE specification, using WebLogic 6.1, Commerce Server 3.5 and Oracle 8.1.7 database technologies.   Perform UML design and Java software development using TogetherSoft toolset; design patterns used included proxy, immutable, singleton, façade, factory, session, command and form.   Development, test and production servers clustered on Sun hardware.  
11.2000 - 6.2001 Sun Microsystems
Address: Interlocken Technology Center, 500 Eldorado Blvd, Broomfield, Colorado  80111
Position: Java/J2EE Consultant

Delivered J2EE software design and Java development services within the Global Service Operations group at Sun Microsystems.  In a high-profile project with senior management exposure, I redesigned, developed and deployed a worldwide order processing, workflow and tracking intranet web application.  The project conformed to J2EE architecture, using Enterprise Java Beans (EJB), Java Server Pages (JSP), JavaScript and HTML.  Performed object-oriented design with Rational Rose, using several design patterns, including proxy, immutable, singleton, factory and facade.  Built Java presentation and middle-tier components, including JSP, Servlet, EJB and JDBC database development.  Server platform was iPlanet/NAS 6.1 and Oracle 8.1.6 on Solaris/E6500 test/production servers; WebLogic 5.1 used in daily development on Ultra workstations.   Wrote 6K lines of EJB source code and another 6K lines of JSP, JavaScript and HTML.   Additionally, implemented a cluster-failure tracking enhancement to an existing Best Practices web application, using EJB, JSP and Servlets in a model-view-controller architecture.  Both web applications supported over 1,000 worldwide users.
1.96 - 10.00 eLoyalty
Address: 150 Field Drive, Suite 250, Lake Forest, Illinois  60045
Position: Senior Principal Consultant

Provided software development and consulting services to Fortune 500 companies in several industries, including telecommunication, financial, energy and retail.   Lead design and implementation of new Enterprise Customer Relationship Management solutions that integrated legacy systems with front-office, intranet, call center computer-telephony integration (CTI) desktop technology and the Internet.  Technical lead in the development of several complex, three-tiered client/server and intranet applications using Java, J2EE, BEA WebLogic Sever, Servlets, XML, JavaScript, HTML, C, VisualBasic, Oracle, SQL Server, UNIX, Windows NT, Cisco, Lucent and Genesys technologies.

1.2000 - 10.2000

Qwest Project
Served as technical and team lead for J2EE middle-tier design and Java software development in the Sales and Service Desktop (SSD) project.  A three-tiered application, SSD used a fully data-driven call flow engine to increase call center agent productivity and insure correct servicing of every customer transaction.  Created UML design for the middle tier using Rational Rose, employing facade, factory and singleton patterns, insuring scalable and flexible client access to customer, product, work flow and contact history information across several database servers.  Designed and generated XML specifications with validating schemas; XML is used between all software components.  Lead developer in a team of three; created several EJBs, primary servlet and XML parsing code, including most supporting classes for error handling and logging, comprising 7K lines of Java source code.  JDBC used for all stored procedure and prepared statement transactions, encompassing four large Oracle databases.  Installed and tuned WebLogic Server 4.5.1 and 5.1 for high-volume and fail-over conditions, similarly tuning Oracle databases as well.  Technologies utilized include Java, EJB, WebLogic Server, Servlet, XML, JDBC, JNDI, RMI, HTML, JavaScript, Rational Rose Enterprise, Oracle 8.1.5, HP-UX and Sun E450 server platforms.   System supported 2,000 users.

1.1999 - 7.1999

Montgomery Wards Project
Served as technical lead for SmartService call center desktop application software development.  Designed, coded and deployed customized call center desktop software, supporting comprehensive customer service and product sales.  Integrated Vantive package and GeoTel (Cisco) intelligent call routing CTI software.  Managed a technical team of four while participating heavily in VisualBasic and GeoTel soft-phone software development.  Performed SQL Server database design, installation, administration and tuning.  Designed and coded stress/load testing software, used to benchmark peak database and transaction server performance, verifying adequate end-user response time before deployment.  Technologies included VisualBasic, HTML, Active/X controls and servers, DCOM, Microsoft IIS and Transaction Server, Microsoft SQL Server 7, Vantive, Windows NT, TCP/IP, InterVoice VRU and GeoTel intelligent call-routing software, producing 9K lines of source code.   System supported 500 users.

4.1998 - 11.1998

Detroit Edison Project
Served as technical lead for UniversalCenter call center software development.   Designed, coded and deployed customized call center desktop software that serviced customer accounts and emergency outage events.  Integrated Oracle Forms, intranet, VisualBasic, 3270 legacy applications.  Created Nab Nascent CTI soft-phone software, used to improve customer service (first-call resolution) and agent productivity.   Lead a group of four developers while contributing directly in software and database design, coding and deployment.  Technologies included VisualBasic, Active/X controls and servers, Microsoft IIS, C, HTML, Oracle Forms, Oracle 7.3, HP-UX, TCP/IP and Nab/Lucent ACD call-routing software, creating 10K lines of source code.  System supports 1,000 users.

7.1997 - 3.1998

Atmos Energy Project
Serving as technical lead for call center desktop development, designed, coded and deployed custom call center software to support all customer service transactions.   At the agent desktop, integrated several front-office Oracle Forms and customer service mainframe applications, Genesys CTI call-routing and InterVoice VRU systems.   Managed a team of five developers while contributing greatly in desktop development using VisualBasic, Active/X controls and servers, Microsoft IIS, HTML, Oracle Forms, Oracle 7.3, C, PL/SQL and Windows NT, totaling 10K lines of custom source code.   Co-designed and implemented a new customer contact history Oracle database.  System supports 1,000 users

5.1996 - 5.1997

Farm Credit Corporation Project
The Business Origination Service System (BOSS) project helped enhance customer mortgage and deposit management in the Canadian farming industry.  Provided business process reengineering services initially, which soon evolved into several technical initiatives.  Played a key role in the development of new call center desktop software.   Contributed heavily in coding a new loan origination and workflow tracking system.  Evaluated existing infrastructure, including LAN/WAN equipment and protocols, specifying new strategic operating systems, client and server hardware, middleware, groupware and office productivity tools, touching almost every aspect of the computing environment.  Served as the lead technical architect, database designer and programmer for the PowerPanel project, a new call center desktop application providing call management and tight integration with BOSS.  Managed a group of junior technicians, training them in several technologies, including VisualBasic programming, Oracle database fundamentals, Microsoft Window NT architecture and TCP/IP networking.  Lead analyst and programmer for the Workflow, Customer Information System and Customer Net Worth applications, comprising almost one-half of BOSS deliverables, totaling 20K lines of source code.   Technologies utilized included clustered HP-UX hardware, VisualBasic, Active/X Servers and OCXs, Oracle 7.1, Windows NT and TCP/IP.  Both systems supported 500 users.

1.1996 - 4.1996

Kaiser Permanente Project
The Stargate Northern California Regional Architecture (NCRA) project implemented a call center application that processed customer call routing/transfer, inter-office messaging, automated medical advice, medical appointment and prescription services.  Participated in the design of a four-site distributed, fault tolerant call center system, capable of handling peak volumes of 16,000 calls per hour.  Served as a technical architect for the Distributed System Development and Test Laboratory.   Specified comprehensive hardware and software requirements for the laboratory, including CTI and other network hardware.  Documented start-up and operational costs, and created a detailed construction plan/schedule.  Performed a network architecture review of Kaiser’s existing LAN/WAN environment.  Performed a study that identified existing and future network resource/bandwidth requirements.
10.1994 - 12.1995 CTG
Address: 800 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo, NY  14209
Position: Software Engineer, Contracted Consultant

Provided consulting and system integration services to Alyeska Pipeline Service Company and British Petroleum for their Integrated Maintenance and Management System (IMMS) Project, an integrated package of Work Management, Inventory, Purchasing, Accounts Payable and Action Tracking software modules from The Indus Group.   Designed and implemented a database migration, synchronization and replication architecture between numerous heterogeneous database, operating system and hardware platforms, including Oracle7 (AIX-RS/6000, OS/2-PC), DB2, IMS and VSAM (MVS-3090), FOCUS and SQL/DS (VM-3090), Gupta (NetWare NLM and OS/2-PC), Sybase Server (OS/2-PC), and Microsoft Access and Foxpro (DOS/Windows-PC).  Architecture centered on Trinzic’s InfoPump product, using EDA/SQL from Information Builders, Microsoft ODBC, Oracle SQL*Net, Gupta SQLTalk, IBM DRDA and several network transport protocols.   These tools were used for data conversion and database synchronization, moving information from several heterogeneous legacy systems to a single data warehouse.  Built a LAN/WAN Simulation Laboratory using Cisco routers, Codex modems and Testlink Digital Data Link simulation hardware, performing several software tests and network simulations at various link speeds in order to determine the proper long-term connectivity solution; measured expected application response times/performance.   Designed and implemented an Equipment Maintenance Work Management System prototype using Oracle, ERWin/ERX and PowerBuilder; sample reports were generated using InfoMaker.   Designed and implemented Oracle-based data conversion software using C with imbedded SQL (Oracle 7 Pro*C) and PL/SQL, including the creation of related ERDs, logical schema and physical database objects like stored procedures, tables, indexes and triggers.  Configured and tuned Oracle7, Sybase, Gupta, Microsoft SQL Server and DB2/2 on several operating system and hardware platforms.  Configured ODBC, SQL*Net, SQLTalk, DRDA, InfoPump and EDA/SQL middleware (EDA Link/Servers/Catalogs) on several platforms.  Configured many platforms to utilize multiple network protocols, including TCP/IP, NetWare, LU 6.2 and LU 2.
9.1992 - 9.1994 IBM
Address: Research Triangle Park, NC  27709
Position: Senior Associate Programmer, Employee No. 315212

Provided software development expertise for two commercial software products.   Developed DOS, Microsoft Windows 3.1, OS/2 2.x and AIX versions of Communication Manager Mouse Support software, bundled with the Communications Manager v1.1 IBM Program Product.   Created CallUp Client/Server, a PC-based corporate directory, replacing the mainframe-based CallUp/VM Program Product.  Clients developed for Microsoft Windows 3.1 and OS/2 2.x; threaded servers developed for OS/2 2.x and AIX 3.2.  Technologies used for both products included IBM C/Set++, Microsoft Visual C++, Microsoft Windows 3.1 SDK, Microsoft MAPI, Lotus Toolkit, HP OpenMail Toolkit, Motif Toolkit, DB2/2, DB2/6000, TCP/IP, RPC, APPC and NetBIOS network technologies.  Responsibilities covered entire software development life cycle, from analysis through coding and testing, using an iterative, rapid application development paradigm.  Created software at several levels of difficulty, in both 16-bit and 32-bit environments, including protocol-independent network APIs, RPC, sockets, dynamic SQL, DB2 database APIs, 32-bit threaded servers.  Code comprised over 50K of C++ and C source code.  Utilized Microsoft Windows 3.1 SDK, IBM’s OS/2 Presentation Manager SDK and related class libraries.  Trained two mainframe programmers, teaching event-driven/GUI, network API, 16-bit and 32-bit memory management, and object-oriented software development concepts in Windows 3.1 (Foundation Class) and OS/2 2.x (Workplace Shell and SOM Classes).
12.1990 - 8.1992 GCI
Address: 2550 Denali Street, Anchorage, AK  99503
Position: Programmer/Analyst, Employee No. 383600

Analyzed engineering and related corporate system requirements.  Created technical specifications and software, migrating telecommunication traffic engineering systems off a centralized DEC VAX platform to a client/server LAN, with Microsoft Windows 3.1 clients and Sun SPARC servers; used TCP/IP as the sole network transport protocol.   Rewrote and enhanced archaic telephone traffic engineering analysis FORTRAN software using C.  Designed and coded a Call Detail Record Real-time Capture System, Hacker Detection System and Telecommunication Traffic Engineering Analysis System, comprising over 30K lines of C source code.  Technologies utilized included C, Sun Solaris, SunOS and Interactive UNIX, ET X.25 DOS Library, FTP DOS TCP/IP Toolkit, DSC telecommunication ACDs, packet-level sniffing, and Microsoft’s Windows 3.1 SDK.
Workday Integration System Fundamentals Workday Education Learning Center, 2014
Workday Simple Integrations Workday Education Learning Center, 2014
Introduction to Workday Studio Workday Education Learning Center, 2014
Advanced Workday Studio Workday Education Learning Center, 2014
GWT and GXT development training provided by Sencha, Inc., 2011
Apple iOS 4.0 SDK development training provided by FMC, Inc., 2011
Solr and Lucene development trainging provided by Lucid Imagination, 2010
JSF and Seam development training provided by Amentra, 2009
WebLogic Workshop 8.1: Rapid Application Development: BEA Systems, 2003
WebLogic Enterprise Server 6.1 Application Development: BEA Systems, 2001
WebLogic Commerce Server 3.5 Application Development: BEA Systems, 2001
Developing Enterprise Applications with WebLogic Server: BEA Systems, 1999
Java Programming: Sun Microsystems, 1999
Advanced Java Programming: Sun Microsystems, 1999
Advanced Microsoft Windows Programming: IBM Skill Dynamics, 1994
Advanced OS/2 Presentation Manager C++ Programming: IBM Skill Dynamics, 1994
X.400 Addressing and X.500 Global Directory Service Architecture: Nexor, 1993
HP OpenMail Gateway, Architecture and Programming Toolkit: HP, 1993
1988 to 1990: Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado
Graduate School of Business, Computer Information Systems Department
1984 to 1987: Colorado State University, Pueblo, Colorado
School of Engineering and Technology: B.S. in Computer Science Technology
IEEE Computer Society Member
Agile and SCRUM Methodologies
Rational Unified Process (RUP) with Rational Rose
Unified Modeling Language (UML) using TogetherJ
Object-Oriented Analysis, Design and Programming (Booch) using Rational Rose
Structured Analysis, Design and Programming (Yourdon) using Rational Rose
Computer Assisted Software Engineering using System Architect and Excelerator
Decision Support, Data Warehousing and Expert System Concepts
Google Web Toolkit (GWT), GXT (Sencha)
Google Guice, Google GIN
Apple iOS 4.0 JDK
Java Server Faces (JSF), RichFaces
Struts 1.x and 2.0, including Tiles
Spring 2.5, 3.0
Solr 1.3
Hibernate 2.x, 3.x
Ajax, A4J
JBoss Drools business rules engine
JBoss jBPM workflow engine
JAXB, JAXP, JDOM and Castor
Fundamental: Proxy, Interface and Immutable
Structural: Façade, Iterate
Creational: Factory, Singleton, Dependency Injection (IOC), AOP, Seam bijection
Behavioral: Command
GUI: MVC, Form
Persistence: DAO, JDO
IBM Function Point Metric
Halstead Software Science Metric
McCabe Cyclomatic Complexity Metric
NoSQL Document Design Relational Data Model and Database Design
Entity-Relationship Data Model Diagramming (Chen) using TogetherJ and ERWin
Network and Hierarchical Data Models and Database Design
Amazon Cloud Services (AWS)
Google Compute Engine (GCE)
JBoss 4.x and 5.x Server
WebLogic Server 9.x, 8.x, 7.0.x, 6.x, 5.x, 4.5.x
WebLogic Portal Commerce Server 3.2, 3.5
IBM WebSphere Application Server 4.x, 5.x, 6.x
Rational RAD 6.x
JakartaTomcat 4.0-7x
Jakarta Apache 1.3-3x
Microsoft IIS 4.0, 5.0
Microsoft MTS 2.0
GeoTel Intelligent Call Routing Client and Server
Genesys T-Server Call Routing System
Nab Nascent Call Management System
Lucent G3 ACD
InterVoice VRU
Programming Java, J2EE EJB2/3, Servlet JSP/JSTL, Ajax GWT, GXT JavaScript, HTML
Mark-up XML, XHTML C, Objective-C 2.0 C++, Pascal PL/1 VB
Languages Korn Shell C Shell REXX MVS JCL VMS DCL

Operating Sun Solaris SunOS Red Hat Linux Windows 7 Windows XP

Database Oracle 10, 9, 8 and 7 SQL Server 7 MS Access IBM DB2/6000 IBM DB2/2
Servers Paradox Informix Teradata Gupta 5 R:BASE

Server Sun E250/450 Sun E45/6500 HP K500 HP 3000 IBM RS/6000
Hardware IBM PC/PS2 IBM 9672-R61 IBM 3090-00J IBM Sys/38 DEC 3900
DEC 11/780 DEC 11/34 PRIME 750

Technology FTP NetWare NetBEUI NetBIOS APPC/LU 6.2
Ethernet Routing Switching

Complete BEA WebLogic Server 9.x, 8.x BEA WebLogic Server 7.0.x
Software BEA WebLogic Server 6.x BEA WebLogic Server 5.x
Development iPlanet Application Server 6.1 Netscape Application Server 2.1
Toolset IBM Websphere App. Server 4.x, 5.x, 6.x IBM WSAD 5.12, Rational RAD 6.0
Jakarta Apache Web Server Jakarta Struts/Tiles 1.2, 1.1
Java Server Faces (JSF) XFire, Quartz, HttpClient
Jakarta Tomcat 4.x, 5.x Together Enterprise 4.x, 5.x
Rational Rose Enterprise Rational ClearCase, ClearQuest
JSTL, JDBC Ant, JUnit, JUnitEE
JBOSS 4.x, 5.x, AJAX JSON-RPC DisplayTag 1.0, 1.1
Macromedia DreamWeaver 4, 8 Semantec Visual Café
Adobe Creative Suite 3 Photoshop, Flash, Premiere, Encore, AfterEffects
IntelliJ IDEA Eclipse 3
Sun Forte 1.3 Sun JDK SE 1.1 through 1.6_x
Sun JDK EE 1.2 through 3.0 Sun OpenLook Library
Weblogic Workshop ERwin/ERX
Adobe Photoshop CE Oracle Pro*C
Oracle PL/SQL Oracle Objects for OLE
Oracle JDBC Type-2, Type-4 Weblogic JDBC Type-3
IBM VisualAge C++ IBM OS/2 Warp SDK
IBM DRDA Microsoft IIS
Microsoft Transaction Server Microsoft Visual C++
Microsoft Visual Basic Microsoft Visual InterDev
Microsoft FrontPage Microsoft Win32 SDK
Microsoft Windows 3.x SDK Microsoft Office SDK
Microsoft Source Profiler Microsoft SourceSafe
Borland C++ Borland Delphi
Watcom C++ Lotus Toolkit
Genesys Interactive-T Server Nab OLE Server
GeoTel Client and Server HP OpenMail Toolkit
QA Partner InstallShield
FTP TCP/IP Library Greenleaf Async. Library
Emerging Technologies X.25 Library Trinzic InfoPump
Information BUilders EDA/SQL lint
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