Surrealism: Paranoic Critical Voyage

Surrealism Es Moi

Andre Breton: "When will man, greedy for the small change of his reason, stop neglecting the treasures of his dreams?"  

Manifesto of Surrealism: The mere word "freedom" is the only one that still excites me.   I deem it capable of indefinitely sustaining the old human fanaticism.   It doubtless satisfies my only legitimate aspiration.   Among all the many misfortunes to which we are heir, it is only fair to admit that we are allowed the greatest degree of freedom of thought.   It is up to us not to misue it.   To reduce the imagination to a state of slavery- even though it would mean the elimination of what is commonly called happiness- is to betray all sense of absolute justice within oneself.   Imagination alone offers me some intimation of what can be, and this is enough to remove to some slight degree the terrible injunction...  

Salvador Dali: "All my ambition, on the plastic level, consists in the materializing, with the most imperialistic fury for precision, the images of concrete irrationality."  

On Modern Art: Critics have for several years used the name of Piet Mondrian as though he represented the summum of all spiritual activity.   They quote him in every connection.   Piet for architecture, Piet for poetry, Piet for mysticism, Piet for philosophy, Piet's whites, Piet's yellows, Piet, Piet, Piet . . . Piet, Piet, Piet, Peep, Pity, Piet.   Well, I Salvador, will tell you this, that Piet with one "i" less would have been nothing but a pet, which is the French word for fart.

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